Difference Between TRAVEL and JOURNEY

As we began to embark on this project, it became clear that certain terms are used to describe when we decide to move. Move from one home to another, our home to a temporary location for a certain period of time and then back to our home, or even just as we go about our day. So what is the difference between travel and journey? 

I decided to ask my friends on Facebook what they thought. Several are right in line with my thinking, others got me thinking, and all of them brought up the point that there is a distinct difference. 

Jason Schemmel Travelling implies limitations. You come back after travelling.
A Journey is usually seen as a deep experience (provided you Don't Stop Believing)

Gail Middleton Travel is necessary on your journey.

Greg Fazekas Travel is something you do. A journey is something you live. 

Jeremiah Owyang Like a Job vs career.

William Powell Travel is a modality. Journey is a way of living.

Dan Braxton Travel is the act of moving from one point to another. A journey involves trials and personal growth along the way.

Sarah Bigle You should check out Journy on Roku or Xumo, it's actually a bit of both ;) http://www.ovationtv.com/journy/

Jean Pickering Travel usually has a start and end date to a place outside of your home. Life is an ever evolving journey that we shape each day.

How would you define the difference between travel and journey? Come comment over on Facebook

As you begin each day, instead of just dreaming about your next vacation, think of the journey you are embarking on that day. How will you interact with nature, the people you come in contact with and the unexpected circumstances that arise? You may be traveling from point to point, but it's all part of the greater journey called life.