Looking Forward Without Regret

Getting ready to take off from Tampa to Grand Cayman

Getting ready to take off from Tampa to Grand Cayman

I remember being in my twenties and celebrating coworkers birthdays. Turning 50 was always about being over the hill. As I turn 50 today, I see it so much differently. It’s a celebration of the best days of my life. One where I am celebrating it where I choose and with who (Lori) I love. I see so much to look forward to where many can look at it with regret. A few things I can share with you at this point in my journey: 

#LIFEworking is about realizing life is one great adventure and work is just part of it. So many will work a majority of their lives with the promise of retirement where they can finally start to live. I don’t believe in retirement. I believe in living. Living in the moment. Each moment to it’s fullest. This doesn’t mean I push myself to the limit all the time. It means I listen to my body and what nature is telling me. I trust myself and embrace the lessons I can learn from both the pleasant and not so pleasant moments. 

#LivingConsciously allows me to see the choices I make as my own and not what I’ve been conditioned to think I have to do. This is part of LIFEworking, but goes deeper. It’s shifting my mindset to not think I know it all but rather to learn and form my own opinions. This has helped me see that material needs are mostly wants. That what I thought was the only was is just one way. That I don’t have to compare, I can be myself without judgement. That I don’t have to become something, I am someone. 

Relationships are more meaningful than transactions. Money used to drive me. I wanted more. I still need money, but it no longer controls me. I know my enough and don’t have to be greedy to want more for the sake of having more. Money comes from transactions and when we have to decide on making it happen without taking into account the person we are impacting, we choose to favor money over a person. To me, relationships are the cornerstone of living. The come in different forms. I have my wife, my family, my neighbors and my friends. These are the people I can count on without having to worry about a transaction. When I need something, I just ask. When I don’t know I need something, they offer it to me. When I can do something for them, I just do. 

CreatingIs… I never want to stop creating. I’ve created businesses when I was still in grade school. I’ve created new careers when I was working. I’ve created new ways of working. I’ve created communities that have lead to lasting relationships. I am creating new ways of bringing people together in unique ways. My wife (Lori) and I are launching Globetrotting.International where we share our journey with the world. We invite you to join us and see where it leads. We are starting it in Grand Cayman where I’m celebrating my 50th birthday. We’ll be sharing FB Live updates from Margaritaville Beach Resort Grand Cayman and Prima Restaurant & Royal Palms Beach Club today around 11am and noon EST. I’m also co-creating LivingConsciously TV with my friend, Ayelet Baron, where we share our journey of what living consciously means, how it impacts our lives and the misconceptions that may come along with it. Interested in co-creating with us? https://goo.gl/forms/jcqJKQRS9UpVYJjA3

I don’t know about you, but 50 feels like I’m just getting started, not one where I’m on the downslope. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in my life right now except right where I am, with the people I am surrounded by. Life is wonderful, with all of it’s imperfections that make it perfect. 
Thank you for making my birthday special. Not just because it’s 50, but because you are part of it.

This was written and originally shared on Facebook April 13, 2018.