LIFEworking - One Great Adventure Called Life

Photo by  Andre Hunter  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

About 4 years ago, I was talking with my co-creator and friend, Ayelet Baron. As we discussed a few ideas around the work-life discussion, we came up with the term LIFEworking. Where life is one great adventure and work is just one part of it. As we started telling people about this 4 years ago, many people looked at us with blank stares or asked what the heck we meant. We did our best and some people got it but almost nobody was catching on to it just by hearing the word. Today, that is changing. People are hearing LIFEworking and immediately wanting to know more about it. 

Ayelet co-wrote a publication about LIFEworking for the London Business School and has blogged about it several times. Her and I did a virtual brainstorming session and within one hour came up with a concept to create a video to convey what LIFEworking means and how it can apply to all of us on the journey we want to create for ourselves. 


As we begin our journey here, we are looking around for our co-creators. Are you interested in joining us? Please let us know!