Globetrotting International
Globetrotting International
Adventures in Life And Travel With Tim & Lori

Tim McDonald and Lori Zoll have shared a love of travel since they first met. Within one month of meeting each other, they took their first trip together to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from the cold winter of Chicago. Since then, they have flown, drove and cruised to over a dozen countries and countless cities. While they love the warm weather, living in the Tampa/St. Pete, FL area has made them appreciate experiences that open their eyes, minds and hearts to food, places and people. Their  journey doesn't just include vacations and trips, it involves living and where they choose to do it and why. Today, they welcome you to join them on their adventures as they share them here and on their social media accounts. 

Lori's tattoo says, "Life Is A Journey" 

Tim's tattoo says, "Let The World Feel Your Heartbeat"

Together they will journey the globe and be sure to share their insights, lessons and experiences in an authentic way hoping to inspire you to realize that life isn't about the possessions we have but the people we are able to share experiences with. 
Traveling as a couple brings it's own benefits and challenges but Tim and Lori will also find those traveling solo or as a family and share their journeys with you. Rest assured, if you are young or old, traveling by yourself or with a large group, Tim and Lori will be finding those stories to share on their life journey.